Hettie LaBombe

Where do we start? It might be easier to describe what Hettie doesn’t do!
She is probably best known as the double bass player / singer in New Zealand retro rockers Boom! Boom! Deluxe, and she has released several highly acclaimed solo EP’s under her childhood nickname of Henika (and was nominated as best NZ newcomer in 2017). She teaches guitar and bass guitar, she also has a production company Hento Productions, providing photography and film making services.

Hettie has made some amazing music videos both for her own bands and also for other NZ artists, and a full length “Rockumentary” in 2012 which has received over 180,000 views on You Tube to date.  She occasionally DJ’s, spinning mainly classic 1950’s Rock n’ Roll, Rockabilly and Doo-wop. Hettie does most of the production and editing of the show.

Hettie loves cats, and acts as a volunteer at Gutter Kitties cat rescue and rehabilitation centre. The guys are currently fostering two rescue cats, Harry and Bob.

Hettie has a real passion for all things retro and vintage, especially the design and fashion of the 1950’s and 60’s.  You can follow her personal page on Facebook here and on Instagram here.  She is also a black belt in traditional Aikido.


D.D Deluxe

D.D. (Dunken Francis to his mum!) sings, writes the songs and plays harmonica in Boom! Boom! Deluxe. He has recorded over a dozen albums and his musical career includes singing with UK Heavy Rock cult legends Mournblade, indie rockers The Wildhearts and writing/singing collaborations with members of the The Sex Pistols and The Damned.
D.D. has toured internationally with his own bands and also as support to bands like Motorhead.

He paints – check out some of his crazy canvas creations here on his facebook page.  D.D. also does most of the marketing, design and promotion for the show.

Our main man has been practising the Japanese martial art of Aikido since the age of 9. The guys have their own Aikido dojo (training hall) at their home in north Auckland, where they hold regular classes 6 times a week.

In 2003 he published “Aikido – A Beginner’s Guide” an Aikido training book and an accompanying DVD “Aikido – The first steps”, which is used by many clubs around the world as a beginner’s text.

A lifelong supporter of Queens Park Rangers football club, he runs the officially-recognised New Zealand supporters group.

You can contact the Podcast at info@retrogasmic.com