Welcome to the Retrogasmic Podcast!

Your very own space-time portal to all things Vintage, Retro and Kitsch!

Awarded “Top Vintage Podcast 2019” by Feedspot. Brought to you by New Zealand Retronauts D.D. Deluxe and Hettie LaBombe, the Retrogasmic podcast promises to take you to a world inhabited by retro style, classic cars, B-movies, pin-up girls, vintage fashion, groovy music and a selection of very, very cool guests.  You can even hitch a ride as we try to track down our elusive roaming retro reporter in “Where’s Winki??”.

Music?  We review rare blues and old school R n’ B, Jazz, Swing, Rock n’ Roll, Rockabilly, and even early punk rock as well as contemporary artists that have been influenced by the classics.

Enlightenment will be available via retro event news, B Movie reviews and D.D.’s soon-to-be-legendary vintage trivia quiz, and hopefully we’ll all have a few laughs along the way!  Grab a cocktail, settle down and join us for a groovy trip back in time!  The Retrogasmic podcast is proudly sponsored by ROSEMARY.NZ

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